What You NEED to Know About The Bitmoji Church is... it goes!

In the summer of 2020, faith influencers from across the US were called together by LaKesha Womack of #ReThinkingChurch who had the amazing idea of connecting faith-focused leaders in a virtual summit experience! During that #ReThinkingChurch Virtual Summit, I was given an opportunity to present a workshop entitled "Fishing With The Net" and also applied for a grant to fund a Year-Round Christian Education and Discipleship platform for youth and young adults! The #ReThinkingChurch team selected my proposal as a grant awardee and requested that I send updates on the project's progress. Well, after a year of development, I was able to premiere the initial concept of "The Bitmoji Church" at the 2021 #ReThinkingChurch Virtual Summit and received great feedback about the concept! it is! After 18 months of development...we're ready to go!

I've assembled a team of experts in children and youth ministry, worship and arts, church administration, church planting and design & development to present to the Kingdom...The Bitmoji Church!

Development Partners


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Angela Marks
Childrens Ministry